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No, this property does NOT allow any kind of pet. This also includes the outside areas.
YES, we provide a BBQ for your use, however, we do not provide fuel for the grill so you will need to bring some. Due to the fact that everything rusts so quickly at the coast the BBQ Grill in the pictures may not be the one that is there when you arrive. It will be either gas or charcoal powered though as in the description so that you know which fuel to bring.
Self Catering means that we give you a start up supply of some items and after that if you need more then you have to bring them with you or buy more while you are here.

We know that a Port Aransas Vacation can be expensive, with that being said, we want to do everything we can to make your stay more affordable. We do this by keeping our rates as low as we can and not charging you extra fees. Most of the other companies charge cleaning fees, booking fees, fee fees........ the list goes on. If you book Ocean Minded or any other property managed by Beachcomber Vacation Rentals then we promise we wont do that.

The only extra charges you will have to pay are TAX (13%) and if you bring a Dog to a pet friendly property, there will be a charge for that.

No Extra Fees

Thats right we DO NOT charge any extra fees, such as a booking fee, when you stay with us.

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